Brands That Rock Instagram…and Why!

Instagram is the biggest social media giant for photo sharing, but what brands are rocking Instagram?

Instagram has grown immensely over the last few years. According to Adpresso by Hootsuite, they have complied a comprehensive list of the 30 Instagram statistics which marketers should be aware of in 2018. As of June 2018, there are nearly 1 billion monthly active users.  Since it first came onto the market in 2013, there has been a massive jump in the amount of users.


In the graph, we can see that the number of users had a steadily increase in the last few years. 70% of users look up brands on Instagram. People engage with brands through Instagram and see what the latest trends. If your brand does not have a presence on Instagram today, you could be losing out of huge amounts of business.

It is widely known that brands are getting up to 10 times more than the engagement than Facebook or Twitter. This means that Instagram are not limiting the amount of visibility of brands posts today. Brands also help to bring digital tribes together as they often ask their customers to engage by tagging some of their friends in their posts.

A brand which I enjoy on Instagram is Ben and Jerry’s. Ben and Jerry’s are sitting on 815,000 followers and have over 2,000 posts of their products, upcoming products and prize giveaways.

Ben and Jerry’s Official Instagram

It is nice coming onto your Instagram feed after a long day and being greeted to such mouth-watering and delicious ice cream. Ben and Jerry’s has recently introduced four new flavors to their range. They are particularly targeting calorie conscious consumers. All of this range have between 140-160 Calories.

An Instagram post by Ben and Jerry’s.

Not only do they provide mouth-watering flavours, they also appeal to their consumers by having colorful backgrounds to showcase their products. They don’t just show their packaging, they also show scoops of their ice-cream in their photos.

This photo has gained over 15,000 likes and the engagement under the post with consumers tagging their friends is phenomenal. Ben and Jerry also post a number of photos on their posts. They also want to direct consumers to their profile by asking people to ‘Meet the new crew at the link in our bio’.  They want consumers to find out more about their products by directing to their website.

If you would like to follow Ben and Jerry’s on Instagram, you will no doubt be drooling at their posts.

A second example of a brand which I feel is rocking Instagram is White Moose Media Brand. The White Moose Cafe is a local cafe based in Phibsborough, Co. Dublin. The company is owned by two men named Paul and Jason.

They have caused a massive amount of controversy throughout the Instagram community. They pride themselves in their outrage marketing techniques. They intentionally post dark-humor to get under consumers’ skin. You would wonder how this type of targeting would gain exposure of a brand if they are upsetting a large amount of consumers.

Let me tell you, they have racked up a total of 60,500 followers.

The White Moose Cafe rocking 60.5K Followers.

Here, we can see that they have a large following base, a large amount of photos, and direct links to their other social media platforms.

This is one of their most recent posts poking fun at their hotel guests. It’s hard to think that a business would do something like this, but it has definitely proved to a massive success in attracting guests to their budget accommodation based in the heart of Dublin City Centre.

I decided to conduct an audit into their Instagram account and we can see that the main location of their fans is Dublin, Ireland. They have also reached as far as New York City. They also have mainly a female following base between 18-34.


They are rocking Instagram because they are well aware of their audience and exactly who they are targeting. They want to mainly target the not easily offended audience and they have done an excellent job in doing so.

They also have a good engagement rate of 1.88%


You can follow the White Moose Cafe directly by visiting their official instagram

Another brand which are rocking Instagram is Calvin Klein. Immediately once you visit their official Instagram, you can see that their brand has a following over 14.8 Million. Calvin Klein are known as a luxurious, high class brand which was founded in America and consumed all over the world. They have over 3,000 posts conveying that their social media activity is constant.

Calvin Klein have a very eye-catching feed on Instagram. Once you visit their page, you are greeted to high class consumers rocking their outfits. Most noticeably, you can see that Singer/Songwriter Dua Lipa showing off her Calvin Klein style. You can see that they are showcasing their highest-quality products.

Calvin Klein have recently started using the ‘Instagram Stories’ feature to showcase their models. The aim of this campaign is to ‘Capture The Moment’ while using the #CKMinute. They want their consumers to capture the moments which they are living in and the moments which they spend in their Calvin Klein gear.

Calvin Klein have built up a massive following base of over the past few years and we can see that their following base is increasing more and more on a daily basis. I think that they have built up this following base due to the amount of posts which they have put up and that they upload Instagram stories everyday.

They are engaging with the customers on Instagram by allowing them to share their own photos.


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